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Temperature: 13.0F
Feels Like: 6.1F


Updated: 2/10 6:52 am
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Updated: 2/10 7:00 am
Winter Weather At-A-Glance
Updated: 2/10 7:03 am
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New Snow by 02/12 7am: 2-12
This range is over the entire eastern Finger Lakes region. Please check the full forecast for location specific forecasts.
Seasonal Snowfall Through 02/9
2015-2016 Winter: 21.7"
2014-2015 Winter: 77.1"
A cold front will cross the region during the day today, resulting in some widespread snow. Accumulations for most areas will be an inch or two through this afternoon. Temperatures will only rise a couple of degrees into the low 30s before cooler air starts to move in. Lake effect snow will develop this evening and persist into Thursday. While areas north of Groton stand the best chance at seeing significant snow, a few more inches are likely in Groton through Friday morning. The cold will be intense on Thursday, as temperatures drop into the teens overnight and rise little on Thursday. Gusty winds in excess of 30 mph at times will send wind chills below zero, even during the daytime hours. Winds will shift towards the south Thursday night, ending our lake effect and bringing in some slightly warmer air. Temperatures on Friday should reach well into the 20s with just some scattered snow showers.

Another cold front will move through Friday night, ushering in even colder air. Temperatures will drop to near 0 by Saturday morning and will only gain a couple of degrees during the day. Winds may again exceed 30 mph, creating dangerous wind chills of -10 to -25 degrees. Very fine, light lake effect snow may be able to form for Saturday but will dissipate on Sunday. Temperatures will only be a little warmer on Sunday, but could return to the 30s on Monday. There is growing confidence in some sort of weather system in the area on Tuesday, but whether this is rain, snow, or a miss is too early to tell. Stay tuned and don't buy into any hype just yet.

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