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Watches and Warnings

Severe Thunderstorm Watch- SVR
Tornado Watch- SVR

Severe Thunderstorm Warning-
Tornado Warning-
Tornado Warning, Tornado Spotted-
Flash Flood Warning-
Special Marine Warning-

WATCH- Conditions are favorable for the development of Severe Thunderstorms/Tornadoes

WARNING- A Severe Thunderstor/Tornado/Flash Flood/Strong Marine Thunderstorm has been spotted or indicated on radar! Take cover immediately!

Storm Icons

*NOTE* Storm Icons are based on radar calculations, not actual obsrevations! The appearance of an icon does not necesarily mean that particular weather will occur. Also, please note that many storms have rotation, but only a small percentage of those storms actually produce a tornado.

Hail Icons
Hail icons are represented by triangles colored in one of the following 4 colors:
The estimated hail size can be calculated using the color of the triangle and the number inside of it. The number represents the number of inches in diameter the hail is. The color of the triangle represents the additional number of quarter-inches the hail is.

To calculate the hail size, add the number to the decimal shown besides each colored icon below. Lack of a number represents hail less than 1 inch in diameter.

Storm Rotation Icons
When the radar dectects rotation within a storm, it will display one of the following icons:

The dashed, top row of icons represents rotation in the mid or upper levels of a storm. Such a storm would be unlikely to produce a tornado at that time. The second row with arrows represents rotation at the lowest level of the storm the radar can see. Low level rotation is just one necessary ingredient to create a tornado. The color of the icon represents the estimated strength of rotation. Yellow is weak roation, while orange is moderate, red is strong and pink is extreme rotation.

The icons below are called 'Tornado Vortex Signature' (TVS) icons and are displayed when the radar thinks a tornado may be occurring.

This does not mean a tornado has been spotted. If you see this icon, check to see if there is a tornado warning as well. Occasionally, a TVS will erroneously be displayed near the radar site (which is just northwest of Binghamton), despite conditions being unfavorable for tornadoes. The number inside the icon represents the strength of the signature, and ranges from a low of 0 to a high of 19.

Storm Reports

The radar will display icons to represnt reports of a variety of reported weather conditions. Icons will only be displayed for events that occurred with the last 60 minutes. Other icons may show up, but the events were considered too rare for our area to include in this list.
Lightning Hail- Number equals hail size
Non-Thunderstorm Wind Gust- Number is measured wind speed. May also show with no number. Thunderstorm Wind Gust- Number is measured wind speed. May also show with no number.
Funnel Cloud Tornado
Flood Flash Flood
Heavy Rain- Number is approximate measured amount Heavy Snow- Number is approximate measured amount
Sleet- Number is approximate measured amount Freezing Rain- Number is approximate measured amount
Injury Reported- Used with other icon Fatality Reported- Used with other icon

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