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Welcome to the New!

As you can see, has a totally new look AND some exciting new features! I have added a Quick-Cast, a Seven Day forecast and expanded my unique forecast confidence system to include descriptions of the uncertainty and more categories of confidence. Additionally, I have placed a radar image on the front page, improved the formatting of the Weather Story (which was the 'Forecast Discussion' on the old site), and created an automatically updating Alerts system!

I hope you enjoy the new and improved If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
~Drew Montreuil, Meteorologist/Owner

Most Detailed Central New York Radar is home to the most detailed radar available for Central New York, with a special focus on the Eastern Finger Lakes Region. Available at, this radar not only shows where the storms are and their movement, but additional icons are displayed to give you a better idea how strong the storms are. Hail icons, rotation indicators and watches and warnings are all displayed along with an easy to use Icon Glossary to help you know what you are looking at. Bookmark the radar page and make it your go-to radar when severe weather threatens!
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