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A lot can be learned about a region by looking at is weather history. Besides increasing our understanding of the local climate, it can be fascinating to see how previous generations coped with and reported on the weather.

Having lived in the Finger Lakes for over 20 years, meteorologist Drew Montreuil has gained a keen interest in local weather lore. From snowstorms of epic proportions, to the Great Flood of 1935, Drew is beginning a project to collect information and documents regarding the storms of yesteryear. Drew hopes to put this information into a book, with updated future editions to include modern storms, and storms we have not yet even encountered.

Perhaps you remember a particularly bad storm? Or do you have photos or newspaper clippings of a weather event in Central New York? Any stories, documents, or even just tips if you've heard rumor of a big storm are helpful. Please, fill out the form below and Drew will get in contact with you. Thank you for your help!

Central New York Weather History Tipline

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