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About & Meteorologist Drew Montreuil began forecasting for the eastern Finger Lakes counties in February 2006. The original idea for came to Drew Montreuil while he was junior at Groton High School. Well known as an avid weather watcher and future meteorologist, Drew wanted a convenient place to place his snow day forecasts online, he decided to make a website. The idea quickly grew to include daily forecasts, outlooks for hazardous weather, and weather information.

After graduating from Groton High School in 2007, Drew enrolled at the State University of New York at Oswego in meteorology. While at SUNY Oswego, Drew became very interested in how people interpret weather forecasts. As a junior, he began a two-year thesis for the Honor's Program to find out how people use weather forecasts and how meteorologists can make them more useful.SUNY Oswego Meteorology Logo In November of 2010, unveiled its 'Forecast Confidence Meters' as a result of Drew's research.

While at Oswego, Drew also worked for three years on the Lake Effect Snow Prediction and Research Center (LESPaRC) project as the webmaster, a Lead-Forecaster and, as a senior, Co-Director of Forecast Operations. LESPaRC forecast lake effect snow and other winter weather hazards for a variety of local schools and colleges. Working on this project led Drew to create his own weather consulting business in March 2012, Finger Lakes Weather.

Drew graduated from SUNY Oswego with Honors in May 2011 with an overall GPA of 3.76. He received the 'Outstanding Senior in Meteorology' Award and was inducted into the Sigma Xi Honor Society.

Cornell University LogoIn August 2011, Drew enrolled in graduate school at Cornell University, where he had worked summers at the Northeast Regional Climate Center since 2006. Drew is currently working on a research project studying temperature variations in Finger Lakes Vineyards and anticipates graduating in the Spring of 2013.

In the Summer of 2012, was overhauled to its current design and services. The Forecast Confidence system was updated to include additional confidence levels and information, a radar page was added, as were a quick-cast and 7 day outlook.

The future of looks bright, with increasing traffic rates and exposure. After graduating from Cornell, Drew plans to work with Finger Lakes Weather and full time.

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